Thursday, February 19, 2015


Boasters League round 7~~

Nick at Night” have made it very interesting. Over the week, the team made up a significant amount of ground and picked up a league’s best 35 points, jumping them from 7th place (and out of a play-off spot) to 3rd and well in contention. That does not mean that they are a sure thing. Quite the contrary. The team that is now in 7th – “Wardogs” is only 5 points behind. In fact, the “Wardogs” are only 1 point off 4th.

Keeping in mind that the last 3 teams will be eliminated for the play-offs, it will be fascinating to see which teams in the hunt will make that conscious push. The top 2 teams appear to be out of the danger zone, but both of them still need to sweat through a bye week – The “Winky-Dinks” next week, and the “Space Geckos” for the final round. If either of these 2 teams are ‘lazy’ over that period, they may find themselves losing a first round finals free pass.

Even “The Nicker Ballers” and “Foss Nation” are by no means out of the hunt, but they better get cracking. Once again, they were the 2 teams that scored the least amount of points since round 6 (if you don’t count “Mongoose” who had the bye).

Once again, the Wednesday night match completion was not particularly stellar. There were also a couple of communication issues between members that left a couple players standing courtside with no opponent in sight. It is imperative that you contact your weekly opponent to either confirm or rearrange to avoid such situations. As crazy as it sounds, don’t expect your opponent to be ready and rearing to go at the scheduled time if you haven’t confirmed with each other.

The tightest match of the evening was between Shaun Dillon (“Wardogs”) and Lauren Kirchner (“Nick at Night”). All three games went to 15-14, Shaun just happened to be on the winning end of two of them. It looked as if both players had played 10 games when they walked off! Brendan Fossee (“Winky-Dinks”) handed Josh Slominski (“Space Geckos”) his first loss of the half with a hard fought 2-1 victory; Rich Stimson (“Vivio’s”) figured out an effective tactic against Dane Fossee (“Foss Nation”) – which I will not give away here! – to take him down 2-1

There are only 2 weeks to go before the finals. Deadline to get all matches completed is March 5. If teams are tied, then bonus points will be the tie-break, and if they are also tied, then it will be who won the season head-to-head matchup. Unlikely that would also be tied, but if it is, a stale mate will be declared and we’ll have to start the season all over again…

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