Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Toledo Tournament – Feb 27 – Mar1

As the winter trudges along and we all start to dream of an end to the freezing temperatures, thoughts start wandering towards the south and greener pastures… We need to getaway, refresh… Well! Look no further! I have the perfect solution to your snowy doldrums!

Destination Toledo! Yes – only 50 miles south of Detroit, you can have the time of your life in the heart of Mud Hen Town. You won’t find sandy beaches, you won’t find magnificent scenery, you won’t encounter any exotic wild life (unless you count the locals), nor will you find better weather (it may even be worse!), in fact, you won’t find much of anything in this city that wonders with disdain why it was placed on the Ohio side of the border. But, what you will find - which makes up for everything else - is the Toledo Club and their annual squash tournament!

Come and enjoy the incredible service of John Seidel and his band of merry men as they pamper you with beer, squash, beer, beer, some more squash, some food, beer, and a couple of models that will serve you more beer, a party, beer, a dinner, the Haka, beer, and if you are still standing by Sunday morning, some more squash. And beer.

The Toledo Squash Classic is a weekend to relish! Explore the in-built maze as you try to figure out how to even get to the courts from the main entrance hall! Gaze at wonderment at the eye-catching waitresses as they re-fill your beer cup! Wrap your head around at how to play squash on courts that were originally constructed for smurfs! Witness the native tribal dance of New Zealand performed topless by one of the pros during the Saturday night festivities! Make new friends! Drink more beer! Yes! This is an experience that you simply cannot pass up!!

Read all the information on the poster above to see how to enter. There is even a category for novices, and hardball singles. I will be going and it would be awesome to see a healthy group of DAC members join me. It’s easy to get to. It’s not far. It’s a great fun weekend with emphasis on socializing. Entry deadline is February 20, so hurry up to secure your spot!

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