Thursday, February 12, 2015


Boasters League round 6~~
Not taking anything away from “Mongoose”, their league’s best 30 points this week was certainly a commendable effort and jumping from 5th to 3rd is well deserved. But it must be noted that the 30 points – while normally is better than average but not over the top mind-blowing - compared to rest of the league, looks like a staggeringly monumental achievement.

Weighing it to the rest: “Space Geckos” chug along at a constant pace and picked up a league’s second best 22 points this week, have overtaken top spot and may have secured a first round bye for the finals. They will need to extend that lead a little more considering they sit out the final week with the bye.  Wardogs” look pretty good this week with 20 points, even though 20 isn’t something to write home about. Then it drops off painfully. The average amount of points scored over the past 7 days between the remaining 6 teams is just 9.5. “Nick at Night” had the bye and are partly excused, but I say “partly” because there are piles of make-up matches to be played. They picked up just one point. “Winky-Dinks” and “The Nicker Ballers” played only 1 match last night, and combined scored ten points. Ugh. The most surprising thing from that is the “Winky-Dinks” are still in second place.

Now, I know the DAC Classic was occupying all the courts all weekend (report will be coming soon), but we really have to stop giving excuses of why we can’t get matches done. The onus is on you.

With 15 points separating 4th from last, it will not take much for a team to shoot ahead and avoid elimination, but it appears everybody is hoping no-one else plays rather than take the initiative. The last 3 teams will be ending their season early…

Not too many matches were completed last night. Some exceptions: Bret Williams (“Foss Nation”) had a huge smile on his face after he walked off the court with Chris Van Tol (“Space Geckos”). He said he had a great game. I presumed he had won, but no – Chris got him 3-0. I had never seen someone so happy to lose! But Bret loves the tough competition, win or lose, and that’s the perfect attitude to have. Terry Lang (“Mongoose”) picked up his first win of the half with a 2-1 beat down over Blake Kenny (“Wardogs”); and John Mann (“Vivio’s”) powered himself to a 2-1 result over Peter Ulbrich (“Butter Nutz”).

 Mongoose” will have to rest for week 7; we’ll see how much of a difference it makes to the standings. With the current trend, they may not lose much ground at all.  Deadline to complete matches is March 5. I know there will be at least one team kicking themselves that they should have played more often…

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