Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Tony Tomicic Challenge ~ Mar 27-29

You realize the biggest event of the calendar is just around the corner? Now that the DAC Classic is done for another 11 and a half months, the one title that members look forward to claiming is our own Club Championships. It’s set for the beginning of April, and one of the best ways you can prepare for that tough slog ahead would be to play in Windsor at their annual Tony Tomicic Challenge!

And challenging it is. Remember not too long ago, a couple of our members were on the receiving end of one of their squash disciples – the 13 year old Sarah Khan! Sarah will no doubt be ready and rearing to take out more of our players, and we should not shy away from the confrontation! In fact, we should face our fears head on – right, John and Colin? Maybe Sarah’s younger brother could hand out a couple of double-handed spankings as well…!

And if a 13 year old can inflict such pain on us, imagine what their adult members are capable of! Let’s not get the wrong impression here – the tournament is for adults, much like our own DAC Classic, but Windsor does have some very capable juniors that you may have to compete against. It’s an excellent test to put yourself through. Toughen up, people!!

Windsor sent 16 players to our tournament this year. I think we are ripe to beat that number in return. Please see the attached poster for all the details. There are a couple of changes to their structure: You must enter though the Squash Ontario website: . You will need to create an account if you haven’t one already. Also, you will only be able to play one singles category. You can play a doubles category as well though.

No change however, to their endearing hospitality. Same keg, same friends, same great social atmosphere! Join me and enter and be a part of our growing squash family and stronger team! Registration deadline is March 22.

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