Thursday, November 5, 2015


Boasters League round 5~~

Gaining 48 points in one week must be close to a Boasters League record. The Fire Birds picked up 35 points in round 5 so far – easily the best in the league – plus another 13 points in make-up matches jumping them from 3rd, where they were 17 points behind the leaders, to first with a 12 point buffer. That’s impressive. Given, the Winky-Dinks, who held that top spot after round 4, had the bye and suffered the inevitable drop. And next week, it’s the Space Geckos (who are second) that have to weather the “bye” storm and try to keep in striking distance relying solely on make-up matches for the next 7 days.

Butter Nutz also had an impressive week picking up 38 points overall, and although it didn’t help in the standings – they are still in 6th position – it did put them a lot closer to the top 4. Next best score for the week went to Foss Nation with 37 points as they almost managed to climb out of the cellar, and the lowest amount of points for the round went to Mongoose with just 24.

Bonus points were not too much of a factor this time as all teams picked up between 9 and 13 of them. But, as usual, Space Geckos was the team with 13… every point counts, right? The Space Geckos have led the league in bonus points every week of the season so far except one.

A healthy amount of matches were completed last night. Nick Cinqueranelli (Paddy’s Dropshots) scored his first win of the season picking on a women (!). He beat Julie VandeVusse (Butter Nutz) 2-1. Anthony Kalorgeridis (Space Geckos) also picked up his first win of the season as he had to overcome the big hitting Kevin Prather (Nicker Ballers) 2-1; Colin Bayer (Fire Birds) toughed it out against Scott Langenburg (Foss Nation) and squeaked out 2 of the 3 games by just a couple of points; and Paul Ward (Wardogs) takes his 3rd win of the season 2-1 and remains so far undefeated as he handed Manny Tancer (Mongoose) his first loss of the season.

DECEMBER 13. Keep the date on your calendar. It’s a Sunday. It’s important because it is the deadline to play any and all of your boasters league matches. On the morning of the 14th, I will be finalizing the ranking and any scores that come in after I have done that will NOT be taken into consideration. Consider yourself warned and informed!

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