Thursday, November 12, 2015


Boasters League round 6~~

In comparison to last week, the amount of points the teams picked up in round 6 can be described as: “Meh”. The Fire Birds maintain a strong grip on first place, but they are by no means a shoe-in for finishing in that position as they will have to endure the bye in the final round of the half. However, if the remaining teams don’t pick up their game a little, it will be difficult to catch them.

None of the teams have played more than 8 of the 17 round six matches, which is not a statistic to brag about. Bonus points varied a lot as well, with Mongoose leading the charge last night picking up 13, and The Nicker Ballers forgetting it was a league night with a paltry 6. Overall, it was the Wardogs scoring the most points this week with 34, eleven of that coming from make-up matches. Foss Nation doesn’t look so bad this week either as they added 30 points, but it helps when the much of the field aren’t very active. They are still in last place, but now only 5 points from being 6th. Paddy’s Dropshots have the same amount of points as Foss Nation, but have a few more bonus points to give them the edge. Unfortunately for Paddy’s Dropshots, however, they have the bye next week. It does not look good for them.

The Space Geckos probably benefited the most from the lackluster performances, since they had the bye week and only fell to 3rd place. Mongoose – who are currently 4th – also have to sit out a week in round 8, so their chances to finish on top will take a big hit.

Tough matches to mention from round 6: Tom MacEachern (Butter Nutz) keeps his boasters league winning streak alive squeaking past the never-say-die hustler Colin Bayer (Fire Birds) 2-1; Haytham Hermiz (Wardogs) also remains undefeated as he survived a close 2-1 encounter with Nick Cinqueranelli (Paddy’s Dropshots) calling the win “lucky”!; another unbeaten in Tom Pierce (Winky-Dinks) barely managed to hold off the challenge from Jon Diewald (The Nicker Ballers) 2-1; and Jason Massey (Mongoose) took the first 2 games before relinquishing the third one against Brian Schrage (Foss Nation).

Believe it or not there are only 3 weeks to go before the half way mark. Christmas is less than 7 weeks away… (Had to mention that!) Remember the 4 match minimum rule – there are quite a few players who are in danger of being dropped. Get those scores to me before December 13… or I’ll turn into the Grinch!

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