Thursday, November 19, 2015


Boasters League round 7~~

Certainly the quietest league evening we have experienced this season, and even though the court center was still humming with activity, it seemed boasters league matches were more of an afterthought. Six of the eight teams only managed a meager 5 or 6 matches for the round, a poor showing by any standards. Exception to the rule was the Wardogs and Space Geckos who pounded out 11 matches, and picked up 30 bonus points between them. The Wardogs were 1 short of picking up the perfect 17 for the week! The other 6 teams picked up 47 bonus points combined, and have, understandably, began to fall back from the leading teams.

In another statement, of those 11 matches against the Space Geckos, the Wardogs won 8 of them, five of them being 3-0. And now, with the week’s best 43 points for the week, they have positioned themselves to be the favorites to win the first half of the season. The Fire Birds, who are still on top of the standings at the moment do have to sit out the final week and will have to start piling on some make up matches to give themselves an even chance of finishing first.

The “no-shows” this week include the Nicker Ballers who only picked up 11 points, which is only 2 points more than what Paddy’s Dropshots managed – and they had the bye! Foss Nation also missed the shuttle, picking up just 20 points for the round.

Muppet” of the week goes to none other than Colin Bayer. I’m sure he’ll chuckle at this (as will you!), and I hope he doesn’t mind I’m sharing it, but he borrowed Glen Milligan’s racquet to warm up and neglected to close the court door. Sure enough, he was skillful enough to catch the door on a swing and totally destroyed the frame. He was, of course, immediately apologetic and purchased Glen a new racquet immediately. Not sure if it hurt his pride more than his wallet though!

Highlights for round 7 include: James Stuntz (Winky-Dinks) taking care of business and improving his record so far to 5 and 0, with a 2-1 win over Curt Pedersen (Butter Nutz); Jeff Gembis (Fire Birds) finally getting over his Manny Tancer (Mongoose) hoodoo for a 2-1 victory – which also gave Jeff his first win for the season; Terry Lang (Space Geckos) scoring one for the veterans with a 2-1 triumph over his much younger opponent Andy Combs (Wardogs); and James Van Dyke (The Nicker Ballers) picked up his third win after outlasting the tenacious running of Jordan Ellis (Foss Nation) 2-1.

Next week is Thanksgiving, so the league takes a little rest. Good news for the players that need to get on court and start making up some much needed matches. You now have time to do that. Remember the 4 match minimum rule… Eat you turkey, watch the Lions get crushed, and get a couple games in. Round 8 starts up again on December 2.

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