Thursday, December 3, 2015


Boasters League round 8~~

Not that I would say “it’s in the bag”, but barring a horrendous showing next week, the Wardogs are set to take the first round honors as we go into the half way point of the season. Yes, they are second on the ladder right now, but the Fire Birds have the last round bye and will need to be extraordinarily active with their makeup matches to keep any hope of ending up on top.

The Thanksgiving week gave everybody time to get some much needed matches completed, and just about every team did pretty well in that department. The order of the standings didn’t change at all from round 7, everybody just about kept pace with each other. Four teams picked up either 38 or 39 points, another three between 32 and 34, and the one team that lagged behind the rest was Paddy’s Dropshots who only managed to accumulate 24. That’s only 6 points more than Mongoose who had the bye.

In terms of bonus points, Fire Birds did collect the most this week with 13, Butter Nutz the least with 7. Space Geckos still lead the league in total bonus points with 92, The Nicker Ballers have the least with 62. The Nicker Ballers are 29 points behind the Space Geckos… hmmmm….

Some highlights of the round: Paul Ward’s (Wardogs) magnificent unbeaten run came to an end last night as he was taken out 2-1 by Blake Ellis (Winky-Dinks). It’s not exactly a terrible loss, Blake has also only lost one match this season as well. Chris Van Tol (Nicker Ballers) held off the human squash bazooka Bret Williams (Butter Nutz) for a 2-1 hard-fought win; Brendan Fossee (Winky-Dinks) had to hustle back from one game down to keep Maggie Durant (Wardogs) at bay for a 2-1 victory; and Esther Thomas (Space Geckos) picked up her first win of the season as she outplayed Tom Bergh (Foss Nation) 2-1.

So with 1 round to play, the deadline of December 13 looming, Christmas festivities ramping up, everybody (hopefully) scrambling to make sure they have their minimum 4 matches completed, it should be an interesting 10 days. With all that in mind, I implore each and every one of you to be flexible with your scheduling and communicative with your fellow members who are trying to contact you for a match time. It gets very old very quickly when I hear that people are not returning e-mails or phone calls. Forfeits are very difficult to get from me, so please make every effort to get on court.

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